breaking the rules

“Breaking the rules”   (Sold)

50×60 oil on linnen

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  1. ryuutsuchi

     /  April 4, 2010

    Your style is reminiscent of Hieronymus Basch… Out of the ones presented, I have to say this one is more interesting to me. The shadows are much more softer, but there is something off about the perspective. Although I’m not sure if the perspective being off was done purposefully, that is one of the things that bugs me… But there is an interesting formation of clouds at the very top. Interesting subject matter too.

    • sanderbos

       /  April 4, 2010

      ey thx a lot for checking out my work! The shadows are softer cause this is my first oil painting I gues, It is easyer to acomplish with oil than acryl. I placed the chessboards a bit to the sky otherwise you wont see them. I think thats what you mean with the perspective.


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